14 Steps for Copy Success

If you don’t just want to sell, but want to sell well, then you need killer copy. You need to motivate your readers to engage with your service by calling them to action. They should be able to skim and still want to ‘contact us’ or be so passionate to buy that they tap out midway just to click add to card. Your audience should be desperate to commission you for whatever it is you are offering, and this is possible with the right words.

So, here are 14 things you should do to write those words:

  • Tell your audience why they should buy your product – There are many companies selling paper but only a few companies selling paper are name brands and that’s because name brands tell their audience ‘Why them’ through their advertising. Be upfront with your customers when it comes to the why.
  • Craft eye catching headlines – If your heading isn’t catchy or your product doesn’t fulfill the headlines claims than you lose out on revenue. People will only want to know more if their attention has been grabbed straight away and then they will only follow through if what they’ve clicked on is true.
  • Customers only care about what’s in it for them – if you go off on a tangent or bulk out your copy with too much background knowledge, statistics, or examples they will lose sight of why they came and therefore bail. Customers want quick and simple. They don’t want to be bombarded with information. If they are then they get either annoyed or confused and both result in consumers dropping out before purchasing.
  • Research, research, and research some more – if you know everything there is to know about what you are selling and who you are selling to, then you can approach the sale from multiple angles and sell better. You can do something that is innovative instead of a carbon copy and innovation excites.
  • Be human – people like to talk to people, to buy from people, which means you need to sell like a person. Your copy should have a personality, your personality. If it sounds like a script or an essay or a robot, people won’t be as interested in what you have to say. They want some personal and real.
  • People like pretty copy – you will get more clicks, calls and items in carts if your copy looks good. Think nice clean font, short paragraphs, variation in sentence length.
  • Ask yes questions – people are motivated when they say yes to something, and the more they say yes to what you’re offering, the more they will be compelled to buy. So, use that in your copy, ask quick and easy questions in your ads, emails, whatever, that will result in the customer agreeing with you.
  • Get straight to the point – by using an active voice rather than a passive one, you are cutting out all the if’s, but’s and maybes. You are telling the customer, ‘Yes we did this, and we are proud of it’. Customers respond well to people being direct and even a little boastful. People like success and trends. They will go where everyone else is going because that means they will get a good product so don’t hide your success, be upfront about how much your company is crushing it.
  • Lead with strength – Most people glaze over the end of whatever it is they are reading, no matter how interesting it may be. So, you need to put your best foot forward and come screaming out the gate with your best points if you want to land the sale. In fact, it should be so good that your customer stops midway and clicks buy.
  • Be a trustworthy brand – popular brands are credible brands. Delivering on promises, quality products, appropriate licensing, experience, and good policies help to build that trust with customers. Include qualifications and user ratings in your copy. Let customers know you have a 4-star average or have a local buy certificate, etc.
  • Convince your buyers you’re a bargain – regardless of how much your service costs you need to convey to your buyers that it’s a steal. Let them know why it costs what it does, that it’s quality, that it will provide to them what they need in the best possible way. Let them know why it’s worth buying from you rather than your competitor even if your prices are higher. That way when people decide to buy your product, they won’t have buyers’ guilt and are more likely to make a quick decision.
  • Catchy equals memorable – get stuck in people’s head in a good way. A catchy tag line, heading or jingle allows people to remember you. When you are remembered by customers you become recognisable, and all household names are recognisable because customers remember them.
  • Don’t be feature focused – when selling your product or service don’t focus on listing out all the features you offer. Customers don’t care about features, they only care about how those features will benefit them. So, if you are going to focus on anything or list off things for your customers, specifically the benefits to them.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat – Once you’ve made you point at the beginning of your copy, repeat it at least twice more. This pertains to larger copy such as websites and email campaigns. You need to make your point, repeat it, and then drive it home with a final call to action that repeats the same notion.

So, get out there and write some killer copy that not only sells but sells well!

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