Are Your Job Ads Making it Too Hard for the Best Results?

Author: Eric Allgood CMgr CAHRI MAITD

I have had some very interesting interviews with a number of top Executives who are currently interested in ‘testing the waters’ which, I believe; freely translates to actively looking to move positions.

Almost all of those interviewed stated that they had no time for the online boards which ask you to upload your resume and cover letter, then make it compulsory for you to fill out your work history. ‘Why the hell did I bother putting a resume together?’ asked one and another commented that those sites that “read” your resume and then spread the information across many incorrect fields making it a very time-consuming process to get it right.

I asked them what they were looking for when they’re ‘perusing the market’ as one of them put it, and the most common answers were:

  • Needs to be either upload or input, not both;
  • Advertise the salary range, nothing worse than getting a call for a job you’re not suited to;
  • If there are “not negotiables” advertise them;
  • Try and make it easy for me, if my first impression is that I have to jump through a thousand hoops just to talk with you, I am not going to enjoy working for you;
  • What is so special about your company? Why would it be great to work there?
  • If I have over 10 years’ experience and I can show that I have been very successful why do I need a degree or a Masters, don’t results count anymore? If you require qualifications, be sure as to why or define what relevant experience may look like;
  • Spell check was built for a reason, I am not applying for an Executive Manger position, I am an Executive Manager; and
  • Be very careful in what you call your position, one candidate mentioned that in the description for an “Executive Manager” position, reception duties were listed as one of the tasks of the role!

Remember, if you want the best people then you need to be able to attract them!