Governance and Risk

Governance & Risk Management

Adapting to Evolving Governance 

As governance continues to undergo dynamic shifts, so must the leadership Boards and CEOs provide. In these times of change, leaders must demonstrate agility, courage, and the vision to drive today’s business while nurturing its growth and innovation for the future. It’s a task that requires anticipating tomorrow’s questions while effectively operating today. This process necessitates impeccable alignment, bravery, foresight, and a strong sense of shared responsibility and purpose. 

Board and CEO Support 

At SBAAS our Board and CEO advisors are well-versed in navigating the intricate challenges that Boards and CEOs face as they steer through these dynamic changes. We recognise the importance of supporting CEOs and management teams, considering the needs of all stakeholders. Our experts provide insights and advice on matters that most concern CEOs and Boards, ranging from board consulting to board succession planning and board effectiveness. 

CEO Succession Planning 

Our team includes specialists in CEO succession planning. They offer guidance on identifying, developing, and supporting CEOs who can successfully lead in the present and future. 

Our Governance Services 

We provide a comprehensive suite of services aimed at ensuring effective governance and leadership: 

    • Board Succession: We help to ensure smooth transitions and continuity of leadership with our board succession planning services. 
    • Board Effectiveness: We provide consulting services aimed at enhancing board performance and efficiency. 
    • CEO Development: We offer coaching and development programmes to cultivate effective and innovative CEOs. 
    • CEO Search and Succession: Our team assists in identifying and placing successful, forward-thinking CEOs. 
    • Policies and Procedures: We guide the establishment of effective policies and procedures to govern board operations and overall corporate governance. 
    • Board of Directors Governance Procedure Manual: We assist in the creation of comprehensive governance procedure manuals for Boards of Directors. 
    • Governance Workshops: Our workshops offer interactive learning experiences that keep board members up-to-date with the latest governance practices and trends. 


At SBAAS, we are committed to supporting you in navigating the dynamic landscape of governance. Reach out to us today and let’s start fostering effective leadership for your organisation’s future.

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