Has Your Lack of Succession Planning Killed Your BD Potential?

Author: Eric Allgood CMgr CAHRI MAITD

I meet with many CEO’s, GM’s, HRM’s etc and, quite surprisingly; very few of them put much thought into how a well-structured succession process throughout the organisation can assist their bottom line.

Firstly there is the obvious: if you make all your supervisors and above redundant with the appropriate training of those around them, when they take leave or actually leave, you are always recruiting from the lowest levels in your organisation which is the most cost effective. If done correctly – looking for results first, then who is creating them, it also avoids all your “isms” because those who are achieving are rewarded.

But let’s look at the on-flow effect of this. Say your company has the opportunity to put together a tender, or has a potential Acquisition that it should investigate, if your most knowledgeable team can be brought together for a period without having to manage “2 jobs” as it were and just concentrate on the task at hand, you are a better chance of completing the bid/due diligence in the appropriate time frame and getting the best result.

In fact, there are many examples on how strong, consistent, innovative and robust HR policies and procedures can make for better “bottom line” results (or whatever today’s catch word is for exactly that). It doesn’t matter if you company has 5 employees or 5,000, if you aren’t thinking in this arena, you’re left with no choice but to be fighting fair out there and who doesn’t love an unfair advantage?

Does your organisation have the right HR person, are they growth focused, do they understand how to create operational savings, do they fully understand how to gain L&D opportunities that are fully funded? Have you got a commercial HRM or just someone who can put a bum on a seat in a reasonable time and ensures they get paid on time?

I mean, I can run 100 m; but if you want it done the most efficient and effective it can be – Mr Bolt is your answer.