HR outsourcing


Take Control


Our HR services help you take control of the human aspect of your business, we see your business through a different lens and with so much more objectivity.

We have a range of flexible services available.

It just makes economical sense!

If you are a busy CEO or business owner experiencing increased team challenges you probably struggle to find the time to deal with these issues and may lack the necessary expertise to deal with them confidently.

Outsourcing your HR removes the pressures of having to resolve these recurring issues yourself and your business will experience:

  • Decreases in employee turnover
  • Increases in employee productivity
  • Accelerated business growth and profitability
  • Creation of an amazing workplace culture with happy workers
  • Decreases in the number of discrimination, bullying, unfair dismissal and workers’ compensation claims
  • Significant time and cost savings in recruitment and training

What's included

  • Free access to all our business templates
  • Telephone and email support on any Human Resource or Industrial Relations issue/s (Mon-Fri: 8am - 7pm AEST)
  • Access to our monthly business benefits newsletters, giving insights to not only the human resource area of business, but excellent tips and stories in the areas of leadership, business growth, and all other facets of your business
  • HR compliance check, which includes a review of all your remuneration and contracts, and your policies and procedures
  • Desktop review of any disciplinary actions taken (compare against regulatory requirements and your own policies and procedures)
  • 20% off all recruitment products
  • 20% off all bespoke L&D program design
  • 20% off of items in our online store
  • 20% off our leadership coaching programs
  • Seriously, 20% off everything we do and have!

Annual Retainer Fee Structure (all items inc GST)

Number of employees          Annual Fee             Monthly option (annual equivalent)

< 10                                   $1,815.00                $195.00 ($2,340)

11 - 20                                $3,025.00               $315.00 ($3,780)

21 - 40                               $4,537.50                $475.00 ($5,700)

41 - 70                               $7,573.50                $795.00 ($9,540)

71 - 100                              $10,312.50               $1,075.00 ($12,900)

100 +                                 please contact us              

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