We have created a basic bundle which includes:

  • Employee details form which has the required information for your payroll compliance;
  • Letter of Offer, which you need to edit to reflect the role, remuneration and other details relevant to your business, industry and any industrial Awards appropriate;
  • General Terms and Conditions of Employment which covers the minimum basics to protect both parties and to help clarify the rights and requirements of both parties; and
  • Employee Handbook (Policies and Procedures).

If you have any difficulties associated with make the appropriate edits, use our contact form to ask for guidance.

All documents require editing to personalise to your organisation.

Alternatively contact us to obtain a quote on creating specific documents relevant to your business, industry and employees.

Please note: The price is nominal to assist us in providing you with more resources and training. We endeavour to assist small business in every way possible and to provide free resources where possible. However; some of our resources are more costly to produce, especially when compliance is a factor and we require third party involvement with their development.