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SBAAS is your trusted HR Consulting Partner.

An Extension of Your Team

We offer a complete, compliant, cost-effective HR support system for your business. It’s as if you have your own legal counsel and HR manager available around the clock, with all the technology, expertise, and legal protection required for seamless employee management and workplace safety experience. 

Expert Advice Backed by Legal Insight 

In partnership with our employment law firm associates, our HR experts deliver peace of mind with customised advice and documentation backed by the most recent legal and HR trends. 

Audit and Compliance 

We offer a comprehensive HR Compliance Audit to ensure your business remains compliant. We identify any non-compliance issues and help implement best-practice solutions to rectify them. 

Customised Employment Contracts 

Our team can craft customised documents to serve as templates specific to your employees’ awards or independent of awards. We can include specific clauses tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. 

Addressing Performance Issues 

Every business faces the challenge of underperforming employees. We are here to help you navigate the process, understand the associated risks and consequences, and assist in creating performance improvement plans, warnings, and even facilitate termination meetings if required. 

Policies Tailored to Your Business 

Creating policies can be daunting. Don’t worry, we excel at writing concise, easy to read, customised policies tailored to your business needs. 

Award Interpretation 

We simplify the complex responsibility of award compliance. We don’t just provide answers; we offer explanations, making the compliance process as straightforward as possible. 

A Dedicated HR Manager for Your Business 

Experience the benefits of a professional HR manager, virtually or in your office, and tailored to your financial and business needs. 

Our highly experienced and qualified off-site HR managers will help you understand the 5 essential HR functions necessary for your business to thrive. Whether you have 10 or more staff, need help with performance issues, seek full business compliance, or require financially viable HR support, we’re here to get your business on track. 

HR Advisory and Consulting Services 

Our HR Advisory forms part of our subscription service, granting you access to director-level human resource consultants’ advice, knowledge, and experience. They have extensive experience across various sectors and have provided human resource solutions for a diverse range of Australian organisations, both large and small. 

With Fair Work Commission claims on the rise, receiving timely, high-quality advice is crucial to avoid unnecessary litigation and foster positive workplace relations with your employees. 

Your HR Needs Addressed 

From terminations, recruitment, training, and safety to personal development and organisational design, our senior HR consultants are always ready to provide answers to all your HR queries via phone or email. 

Human Resource Consulting Services 

SBAAS covers all your human resource and people management needs, including: 

  • Updating, implementing, and evaluating human resource policies and procedures  
  • Developing and evaluating position descriptions  
  • Designing and delivering training programs  
  • Providing advice on performance management processes and disciplinary action  
  • Coordinating recruitment and selection processes  
  • Providing remuneration advice and benchmarking material 

Workplace Investigations 

We conduct independent workplace investigations, ensuring impartiality, legal experience, expert advice, and efficiency. Our investigators are experienced in taking affidavits, conducting trials before the Fair Work Commission, and preparing defensible reports for a Tribunal or Court. 

Based in Brisbane, we are dedicated to supporting organisations nationwide with our HR consultancy services. Contact us today to see how we can support your business’s HR needs.

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