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SBAAS brings over 20 years of senior management experience, offering customised solutions in business coaching, executive mentoring, and strategic planning.
Our proven track record in leading SMEs to success makes us a trusted partner for all your business needs.
SBAAS stands out due to our personalised approach, ensuring each service is meticulously tailored to fit your unique needs.
With a focus on creating shareholder and stakeholder value, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that covers all aspects of strategic development and execution.
Our fees vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.
We provide an initial consultation to understand your needs and then offer a detailed proposal with clear pricing.
SBAAS has experience across various industries, including trades, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, education, and not-for-profit sectors, bringing knowledge and insights to each project.
Getting started is easy. Book a discovery call for an initial consultation where we can discuss your business challenges and aspirations.
From there, we’ll outline how our services can meet your needs and the steps to begin our partnership.
Effective HR management involves recruitment, training, performance management, employee relations, and compliance with employment laws. It ensures that the right people are hired, developed, and retained to meet the business's objectives.
Improving employee performance requires clear goal setting, regular feedback, effective training, and development opportunities.
Establish performance metrics and conduct performance reviews to promptly monitor progress and address issues.
Creating a custom training program involves assessing your business needs, setting clear learning goals, designing the course content to meet those goals, developing engaging materials, and evaluating the training’s impact to ensure it achieves its objectives.
An employee handbook should include company policies, employment terms, workplace conduct expectations, disciplinary procedures, and employee benefits.
Ensure it complies with local employment laws and is regularly updated to reflect regulations or business operations changes.
Stay informed about local and national employment laws, maintain accurate employee records, implement fair HR policies, and seek legal advice when necessary.
Regular audits and training can help ensure ongoing compliance.
Address conflicts promptly and fairly by listening to all parties involved, identifying the root cause, and exploring resolution options.
Mediation or conflict resolution training may be beneficial in resolving disputes and maintaining a positive work environment.
Managing remote employees involves setting clear expectations, using technology for communication and collaboration, regular check-ins, and ensuring they have the necessary resources.
Building trust and supporting work-life balance are also crucial for remote team success.
Industrial relations involve managing relationships between employers and employees, including negotiations, collective bargaining, and dispute resolution.
Good industrial relations practices are important to maintain a stable and productive workplace, prevent conflicts, and ensure legal compliance.

Outsourcing HR services is crucial for businesses to manage employees effectively and ensure compliance with legal standards.

SBAAS offers a comprehensive HR support system that acts as an extension of your team. Our Managing Director, with an MBA and a Master of Business Law, spoke on Industrial Relations Reform at the 2021 International Small Business Summit, highlighting our expertise in this field. Our consultants are highly qualified in HR and Industrial Relations, making us the perfect partner for your HR needs. 


Comprehensive HR Support
We provide a full HR service, giving you access to the expertise and legal support needed for effective employee management and workplace safety.

Our partnership with employment law firms ensures that our custom advice and documentation are always up to date with the latest legal and HR trends.

Audit and Compliance Expertise
Our comprehensive HR Compliance Audit identifies and rectifies any non-compliance issues, ensuring your business adheres to best practices.

Tailored Employment Solutions
We create custom employment contracts and policies designed to meet your business’s unique requirements and compliance needs.

Performance and Policy Management
Navigating performance issues and policy creation can be challenging. We guide you through these processes, offering support from performance improvement plans to craft clear, tailored policies.

Simplified Award Interpretation
Understanding award compliance can be complex. We make it simple, providing clear explanations and ensuring straightforward compliance.

Access to Experienced HR Managers
Our qualified off-site HR managers understand the essential HR functions needed for your business to flourish, offering support that aligns with your financial and operational needs.

Extensive HR Advisory and Consulting
Through our subscription service, gain access to director-level HR advice. Our consultants have vast experience across different sectors, providing solutions to various organisations and mitigating risks like Fair Work Commission claims.

Comprehensive HR Services
SBAAS covers all human resource and people management aspects, from policy development and performance management to recruitment, training, and workplace investigations, ensuring your HR needs are comprehensively addressed.

With our base in Brisbane and services nationwide, SBAAS is committed to supporting your organisation’s HR requirements. Please contact us to explore how we can fulfil your HR needs.

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