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SBAAS brings over 20 years of senior management experience, offering customised solutions in business coaching, executive mentoring, and strategic planning.
Our proven track record in leading SMEs to success makes us a trusted partner for your business needs.
SBAAS stands out due to our personalised approach, ensuring each service is meticulously tailored to fit your unique needs.
With a focus on creating shareholder and stakeholder value, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that covers all aspects of strategic development and execution.
Our fees vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.
We provide an initial consultation to understand your needs and then offer a detailed proposal with clear pricing.
SBAAS has experience across various industries, including trades, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, education, and not-for-profit sectors, bringing knowledge and insights to each project.
Getting started is easy. Book a discovery call for an initial consultation where we can discuss your business challenges and aspirations.
From there, we’ll outline how our services can meet your needs and the steps to begin our partnership.
Custom training is tailored learning designed to fit your business's and its employees' specific requirements. It's important because it targets your unique challenges and goals directly, enhancing skills and effectively boosting business performance.
To pinpoint training requirements, evaluate your business objectives, identify performance gaps, and seek input from staff and customers. This approach helps identify areas where training can enhance abilities and business results.
Creating a custom training program involves assessing your business needs, setting clear learning goals, designing the course content to meet those goals, developing engaging materials, and evaluating the training’s impact to ensure it achieves its objectives.
The format of your training program should be based on your specific needs, employee preferences, and the nature of the content.
Online training is flexible, face-to-face training encourages interaction, and a mixed approach can offer comprehensive benefits.
Yes, the training program should be tailored for different job roles to ensure relevance and effectiveness. Customising the content to suit the particular skills and duties of various roles in your business will enhance the training's impact.
Please revise your training program regularly to maintain its relevance and effectiveness.
The revision frequency should reflect changes in your business goals, industry trends, technological advancements, and feedback from participants and trainers.

Training staff is essential for any business. It enhances skills, boosts performance, and achieves strategic goals. SBAAS is your premier partner in creating effective training programs.

Our Managing Director has postgraduate qualifications in Learning and Development, and our consultants bring a wealth of teaching experience.

We’ve developed qualifications in various industries and provided tailored training, including WH&S for local government, executive leadership, governance, and induction programs.

Learning: Companies Investing In Their Future

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Organisations that develop their staff achieve more than their competition that don't. Watch: Jane Dowd - Corporate Learning: Companies Investing In Their Future


SBAAS is dedicated to designing learning programs that align with your business’s strategic goals.

We have a proven track record in developing educational content for TAFE, government, and the private sector, offering a range of online training solutions to fit your budget.

Innovative and Collaborative Learning Development
Our collaborative and innovative approach ensures that the learning solutions we provide align perfectly with your business objectives. With our comprehensive experience, we deliver practical and lasting results, establishing ourselves as your trusted partner in eLearning.

Tailored eLearning Solutions
For over 25 years, SBAAS has been leading in developing and delivering eLearning solutions. We offer various services, from creating bespoke content to updating and enhancing existing training materials. Our end-to-end design and development process, including co-design workshops, ensures active collaboration throughout the course design cycle.

Customised Training to Meet Diverse Needs
We cater to various subjects and learning requirements, offering expert guidance and bespoke learning experiences. Our training solutions are crafted using evidence-based strategies to transform learners’ attitudes and behaviours to meet client satisfaction and business objectives.

Engaging and Interactive e-Learning
Our consultants specialise in converting traditional training into dynamic, interactive eLearning experiences. We focus on creating training that engages learners, facilitates efficient knowledge transfer, and incorporates advanced assessment and reporting tools.

Comprehensive Course Design Services
Our services encompass all aspects of curriculum development, from the initial design to the creation of presentation materials and SCORM-compliant files. Our customisable training includes a variety of learning aids like personalised videos, animations, and guest speaker sessions.

With SBAAS, harness the power of expertly designed learning programs to transform your organisation’s performance. Contact us to embark on your journey towards educational excellence and innovative learning solutions.