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SBAAS brings over 20 years of senior management experience, offering customised solutions in business coaching, executive mentoring, and strategic planning.
Our proven track record in leading SMEs to success makes us a trusted partner for your business needs.
SBAAS stands out due to our personalised approach, ensuring each service is meticulously tailored to fit your unique needs.
With a focus on creating shareholder and stakeholder value, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that covers all aspects of strategic development and execution.
Our fees vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.
We provide an initial consultation to understand your needs and then offer a detailed proposal with clear pricing.
SBAAS has experience across various industries, including trades, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, education, and not-for-profit sectors, bringing knowledge and insights to each project.
Getting started is easy. Book a discovery call for an initial consultation where we can discuss your business challenges and aspirations.
From there, we’ll outline how our services can meet your needs and the steps to begin our partnership.
A business strategy sets the direction and defines the goals for an organisation, helping to allocate resources efficiently, navigate competitive markets, and align all functions towards long-term success.
A business strategy is a plan of action to achieve specific long-term goals and objectives. It involves setting priorities, determining resource allocation, and implementing a roadmap to drive business growth and competitive advantage.
A business strategy outlines an organisation's long-term vision and goals, providing a high-level roadmap. In contrast, a business plan details the specific actions, timelines, and resources required to implement the strategy.
The success of a business strategy can be measured by tracking progress against key performance indicators (KPIs), financial targets, market growth, customer satisfaction levels, and the achievement of strategic goals.
However, for small business owners, we have found other KPIs exist, such as more time with the family, travelling, and even taking Sundays off.
Small business owners need a strategy as much as every big business but are less likely to have one. Successful businesses do, though!
Successful business strategies include a clear vision and mission, detailed objectives, thorough market analysis, a competitive advantage, resource allocation, and a robust execution plan.

A strong strategy is vital for any business. It sets the direction and goals, guiding companies to success. This is where SBAAS shines as your ideal strategic partner.

With over 20 years of senior management experience, we offer bespoke business coaching, executive mentoring, and strategic planning. Our services are customised to meet your specific needs, driving growth and success for your organisation.

Importance of a Strategy:

Clear direction

If you don't believe us, watch the Simon Sinek video - he agrees with our philosophy that your strategy should be BS-free!

Why Us

Our Strategy Approach

We focus on creating shareholder and stakeholder value, the heart of a successful strategy. A good strategy defines your company’s purpose, vision, and success measures. It must be well-crafted, clearly communicated, and executed with dedication.

Expert Consulting

Our Board Business service provides tailored strategic advice. Our seasoned facilitators, including executives and directors, offer strategic development, planning, and review services.

We help organisations refine their strategy, understand risks, build a solid strategic framework, clearly communicate plans, align goals, and track progress. Our facilitators ensure productive sessions with your team, leading to commitment and tangible results.

Simplifying Strategic Planning

Planning is essential; without it, failure looms. Our proven, simple methodology suits all organisations, helping create a strategic plan that aligns with your annual objectives and setting clear targets for the year ahead.

Support for Not-for-profit Organisations

We specialise in helping not-for-profits craft 3-5-year strategic plans with our six-stage method. This includes evaluating your vision and current status, setting objectives, devising strategies, and creating a strategic planning document. This plan offers a clear path to your goals, ensuring everyone understands the organisation’s direction.

Your Strategic Partner

Start your journey to business excellence with SBAAS. Contact us to discover how our strategic development consulting can lead you to success. Our team of experts is ready to support your strategic needs.