COVID19 and Hygiene in Therapy

The Coronavirus has created a new wider or broader understanding within the community regarding hygiene standards, which may create certain expectation for change in ongoing practices within a variety of industries.

I was speaking with a good friend and amazing Remedial Massage Therapist and Sports Trainer, John Thomas from John Thomas Remedial Massage and asked him if there would be much change to his practices and he said no, not really, because hygiene is a vital part of what he does. Whilst I knew this to be true, having had first-hand experience of his amazing remedial massage, I asked him to explain so I could share, so he shared the following story with me:

Long term Client Alison came into the Clinic and got ready for her Remedial Massage and treatment stemming from an accident four years ago.

Not one to chat too much, Alison commented …“I have just realised how many towels you have. Looking at your towel stand there she pointed to my stand in the corner you must have more than 2 dozen.” Alison gets a regular Massage treatment to alleviate stress and assist with her Mental wellbeing.

I replied that every Massage Therapist needs that many at least to make sure that each person or Client has a least 3 towels for a massage or treatment.

I explained the importance of making sure every Client was safe from cross infection. Changing towels after each person and washing hands and arms is important too to make sure the Therapist is not transferring anything from Client to Client during a Massage.

Many older Therapists who were around when HIV was prevalent learned at that time the importance of an exceptionally clean environment in a Massage Clinic.

Changing towels and washing hands and arms and cleaning any equipment used has a high importance in my Clinic.
James, a young Athlete with a good profile and someone who wears Green and Gold arrived a little early and met Alison. They chatted and had a drink of cool water while the table was dressed in new clean towels.

James does not mind waiting the short time this takes as he understands the need for Clinic hygiene. Having the profile, he does, he understands his healthy state needs to be maintained so that he and others can compete on the local, National, and International arena.

The Coronavirus has brought home to many people the need to maintain a high level of hygiene in every Clinic. Clean towels or sheets after every Client and hand and arm washing has been and must be a priority for every Therapist.

Therapists are now I am sure painfully aware for the need to pay attention to basic and extended hygiene to protect every Client and themselves.

Massage should be an effective and generally pleasant experience designed to assist not only with the physical aspects of Health but the Mental Health of every Client. Often clearing away muscular and skeletal issues results in a mind that is clearer and can from there become better focused. Massage creates a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind.

Importance of Mental Health Maintenance and Business

Many studies have proven that a stressed mind reduces decision-making abilities and COVID19 has created many stressful business owners and managers. There are many ways to attend to one’s Mental Health. Talking to others remains one of the primary methods of maintaining Mental Health but taking care of yourself is just as important.

Many people have discovered during the COVID19 stand downs the importance of their daily walks. I have personally noticed greater numbers of people going for walks and runs in my local area and many of the tubby dogs I see when walking my boofhead are becoming quite trim, taut and terrific because they are getting so many walks from different members of their family!

These walks are working on your Mental Health in a couple of ways. Firstly, you are getting exercise but just as importantly you are having ‘brain down time’ where your mind can just do its own thing and work away in the background without a million distractions. I tell my clients all the time that missing their lunch break is the dumbest idea they have. Go out, eat your lunch, take your shoes off, and feel some soft grass under your feet, or something else so your mind can just ‘tune out’ for a while. The improvements to your Mental Health are amazing.

Back to the exercise everyone is doing though. If you are only just starting to, or returning to exercise, you are probably feeling a little tight and tense in your muscles. A Remedial Massage is a fantastic way to improve the effectiveness of your exercise by allowing you to continue without getting knotted up and too sore.

This is why I wanted John to explain that getting that Remedial Massage isn’t, or shouldn’t be a problem, because the hygiene standards at a reputable clinic were COVID19 safe before we had ever heard of COVID19. This does help emphasise my previous article stating that post COVID procedures should be infectious disease procedures, not COVID19 procedures!

Eric Allgood

Eric Allgood

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John Thomas

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